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This is an audio version (mp3, download as a zip file) of a bestselling book Homo Distractus: Fight for Your Choices and Identity in the Digital Age, written and narrated by the author, Anastasia Dedyukhina.

The author explores our dependency on digital technology and what it really costs us. It is based on Anastasia's personal story of getting rid of her smartphone and trying to tame back her attention. Although this book was originally written in 2017, but is still very relevant.

This entertaining and scientifically backed book combines the latest neuroscience research with personal stories of people trying to put technology back in its place. Additionally, it offers 30 practical tips and experiments that each reader can try in order to find a balance between online and offline lives.

Homo Distractus is a book that will help you claim back your attention, time, energy and, ultimately, your life.

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