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Blazing Fast Web Dev Basics

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  • “Blazing Fast Web Dev Basic” is a package with PDF eBook and zipped source code.
  • Learn basic HTML CSS Javascript fast.
  • No grandmother stories.
  • Just short paragraphs, point form, and example code snippets.


Go ahead - Here's a sneak peek of the entire HTML section.


  • Basic HTML - HTML basic structure, text, links, tables, images, layout, forms, etc...
  • Basic CSS - CSS selectors, colors, sizes, fonts, box model, display, position, tables, forms, etc...
  • Basic Javascript - Variables, developer's console, data types, operators, loops, conditions, etc...


W.S. Toh is the "evil" code ninja behind Code Boxx, a graduate of the University of London with a degree in Computer Science. He has donkey years of experience as a senior web developer and software engineer – Worked on several multi-million dollar systems, mostly in the F&B industry.
You will get a ZIP (4MB) file
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