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Nella SLWC Showing Off Her Naked Sole and Toes While Gimping in One Heel w/Foot play & Cast Talk (HD 1280x720)

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Nella SLWC Showing Off Her Naked Sole and Toes While Gimping in One Heel w/Foot play & Cast Talk in HD Nella twisted her leg in hole walking around by the lake and now she is stuck gimping around on one heel in her regulation school outfit on her awkward unbalanced cast heel with her vulnerable naked toes sticking out of her slwc. She needs to rest often to prop up up her aching foot and rub her cold tootsies. Lots and lots of great closeups in this plaster slwc clip. This is one of the best mistakes Ej ever made. Let me explain. He had a specific request for a plaster slwc custom with a high heel for one of the STEP-MOM's he had done, but he inadvertantly casted Nella here, another previous STEP-MOM (in CLC) because he thought the request was for her. As a result he ended up making one of the best slwc foot play clips he ever made using Nella. She's got a lot going for her. She is tall, busty, cute and is almost either constantly wiggling her cute toes on her long, wide foot or wiping them off, or massaging them - and its a totally natural reaction. Also she has this soft shy voice as she explains how she has to keep wiggling her toes to keep them warm or that she is embarrassed to go out in a cast dancing with her friends. Then there is the outfit. with a high heeled MaryJane than makes her good foot look so slim and shapely while her casted foot shows off her wide foot and cute little pedicured toes. There are lost of closeups, sole shots, and toes wiggling (in one case when she is bending them by a pond she wiggles and splays them in a way few girls can). This is really a "Must have" for slwc and foot play fans! Nella gimps around in this one but the best scenes are the closeups, foot play, toe wiggling which there is a lot of in addition to her talking abot her cast and her daily struggles.

LENGTH: 19 Mins
SIZE: 1013 Mb
RESOLUTION: 1280x720
UPDATE: 10/20/21

You will get a AVI (854MB) file

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