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Cascadilla Press Linguistics Fonts

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All Cascadilla Press fonts work with all current operating systems and applications. The digital download includes the TrueType font, the single user license agreement, clear instructions, and a key map.

Arboreal for Mac and ArborWin (Arboreal for Windows) let you create professional-looking syntax trees right in your word processor. Arboreal gives you the pieces you need to create your syntax trees quickly and easily. Put the text of the tree in any font you like, and use Arboreal to do the rest.

Moraic for Mac and MoraicWin (Moraic for Windows) let you connect adjacent levels of phonological structures right in your word processor. Moraic gives you solid, dashed, and barred lines, all as simple keystrokes. You can use any regular or phonetic fonts you like, and then use Moraic for the connecting lines. Moraic cannot be used to connect non-adjacent levels directly, but it is very handy for simple structures. Moraic comes with a companion font (MoraicFlip) which lets you build structures upside-down.