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Imbolc Women Online Circle, February 1st 2022, 7pm to 9pm UK

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Imbolc Online Circle, February 1st 2022, 7pm to 9pm UK

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Hello beautiful woman !

An invitation to all women ...
For Imbolc, Festival of Candles and Seeds ...

Come celebrate with us the cycle of the solar year and the sun, source of life, recognize the passage of time, return to sources and meet the Goddesses who mark the year ...

On the occasion of each of the eight annual wheel festivals, we will come together in circle ...

The solar circles are virtual until further notice and will therefore take place ONLINE, on a secure videoconference platform.

Meet with women, create the circle together.
In the circle, walk and give birth and a voice to your femininity.

Celebrate the seasons and the passage of time together, through collective rituals, individual creations and sung or body moments, but also meditations and relaxations.

These circles are open and the group that will be formed will be different each time, but it is interesting to participate in several circles.

Schedule: 7pm to 9pm UK time (small break in the middle)

If you have technical concerns:
IsayaBelle Schwaar 00 336 12 19 53 52

More info about me

In the joy of welcoming you, I send love, light and gratitude

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