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A World To Lose - paperback

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A World To Lose
 is the second in a trilogy of magic- and action-packed prequel novellas featuring Asters and Affinites battling Dark Kings and their Disciples for the Surface of the world and the safety of humans. The Aster stories are a fantasy series written for young adults aged 13 and older. The novellas are intended to be read in sequence. The first novella in the series is A Queen To Come.

The Queen has vanished from the face of the earth - her magic along with her. The impending threat that the Queen's birth predicted looms over the Asters as they now realise that they will one day have to face it without her. But there is no time to grieve.

The Small Council still doesn't know what happened in Brazil that night, and they send an investigative team in to find out.

But things are not as they seem. And it isn't long before members of the team start to go missing.

Meanwhile, the King of the North American Underworld is mobilising his troops. The rare magic he and his Disciples were so afraid of is no more, and he is taking his chance.

The Asters are tasked with quelling the uprising. Despite their loss of faith in themselves, the Asters are still expected to protect the humans on the Surface of the world. They must pull together to stand any chance against the very first King they have ever faced.
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