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Little Rock Getaway Arranged by Andy Hatfield

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Little Rock Getaway
Arranged by Andy Hatfield

This is an early jazz piano tune by Joe Sullivan, a Chicago jazz pianist.  It is one of those tunes that bridges the gap from ragtime to jazz.  To the best of my knowledge, it came to bluegrass through the banjo playing of Don Reno.  Chet Atkins and Jimmy Bryant both recorded country versions of it.  

I first heard this tune when I was a teenager, and some friends had learned it.  The chord progression completely made my head spin, and I put off learning it for years!  15 years later, I found myself struggling to play it as fast as the famous flatpickers do, and stumbled into a mid-tempo version, with a bossa-nova feel.

This version is reminiscent of that one, except I play straight bluegrass rhythm in the middle.  This was an improvised take, and I wasn’t planning to tab it out.  Because of that, there’s some licks that frankly look weird.  Listen to the video to get the feel, or better yet, change those parts and make them your own.
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