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Companion Planting Matrix (Mini-Course Included)

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What did you like most? "The matrix itself and how you explain how to use it"
"This matrix is an amazing product and was explained wonderfully with how to use it. I learned so much from this and am more excited than ever to get my garden going. I feel confident now in my companion planting."

- Samantha Hambleton 

"I have found it hard to find such a resource that includes flowers as well as fruit and vegetables. Also, not just plants that tolerate each other but mutually beneficial combinations Eg nutrients, mulching, pest control, etc"

- Rose Keegan

"You are very generous. I think if people are prepared to spend hundreds or thousands in a garden, investing in your hard work... to save them a lot of heartache in their choices... should be a must. But that's just me. Thanks so much."
- Danielle Genty-Nott

"I have tried to base my garden plan around companion planting for quite a few years and I almost never have any pest problems. This is great."
- LoraLee

"Holy moly Batman this is AMAZING!!! I’ve felt like I’m chasing my tail with this stuff so many times! You clearly put a ton of time and energy into this... I have a garden but here in Iowa I have not yet started planting … I’m still very much a newbie! Thanks!!!!"
- Elizabeth Ashley Ewing, USA

Why did I make this thing?
I was tired of reading charts that cram a list of possible companions for a plant, only to discover the collective isn't compatible. Tail-chasing on Google was very time-consuming for making any kind of polyculture-based garden plan.

So I made the Diversity Matrix and now we get to create and see
any custom companion plant combination all on one page!

You'll receive a forever file that includes:
1) Your own companion planting matrix copy 
2) How To Save Your Own Copy (Video)
3) Simplifying Companion Planting + Tour (Video)
4) 10 Best Staple Crops for Self-Sufficiency (Video)
5) Companion Mapping Your Garden Using the Diversity Matrix (Video)

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You will get a PDF (379KB) file