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Companion Planting Matrix (Mini-Course Included)

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"I have found it hard to find such a resource that includes flowers as well as fruit and vegetables. Also, not just plants that tolerate each other but mutually beneficial combinations Eg nutrients, mulching, pest control, etc"
- Rose Keegan

"You are very generous. I think if people are prepared to spend hundreds or thousands in a garden, investing in your hard work... to save them a lot of heartache in their choices... should be a must. But that's just me. Thanks so much."
- Danielle Genty-Nott

"I have tried to base my garden plan around companion planting for quite a few years and I almost never have any pest problems. This is great."
- LoraLee

"Holy moly Batman this is AMAZING!!! I’ve felt like I’m chasing my tail with this stuff so many times! You clearly put a ton of time and energy into this... I have a garden but here in Iowa I have not yet started planting … I’m still very much a newbie! Thanks!!!!"
- Elizabeth Ashley Ewing, USA

I was tired of reading charts
that cram a list of possible
companions for a plant, only to
discover the collective isn't compatible.
Tail-chasing on google was very time-consuming
for making any kind of polyculture-based garden plan.

So I made the Diversity Matrix
and now we get to create and see
any custom companion
plant combination
all on one page!

You'll receive a forever file that includes:
1) Your own companion planting matrix copy 
2) How To Save Your Own Copy (Video)
3) Simplifying Companion Planting + Tour (Video)
4) 10 Best Staple Crops for Self-Sufficiency (Video)
5) Companion Mapping Your Garden Using the Diversity Matrix (Video)

*All sales are final. The nature of this product does not allow exchanges or refunds.

You will get a PDF (379KB) file
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