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Hey Bosses,

Did you know that despite a worldwide pandemic in 2020, approximately 804,398 NEW businesses were created by entrepreneurs?

HOWEVER, A survey has found a majority (72 percent) of small business owners don't know their business credit score. In fact, almost 60 percent of respondents don't even know where they can access their scores. The findings are based on a survey of more than 2,900 small business owners.

The potential to start and run a successful Business Credit Business is NOW. So as you can see The potential to start and run a successful Business Credit Business is NOW.

In this course you will learn:

*What is business credit?
*How to obtain Business Credit
*How to use Business Credit for capital.
*How to build business credit?
*What is business credit?
*How is it different from personal credit?
*How do I establish business credit?
*What’s a DUNS number?
**How do I get a DUNS number?
*What is an 80 ADEX score?
*Get a list of vendors that will help you u build business credit
* Business Credit Building
* FUNDABILITY ( Meet our funding plug )
* 411 Credibility Listing 
* EIN and Entity Setup Assistance 
* Business Name Credibility Check 
* Bank & Merchant Account Setup Assistance 
* Business Address Credibility Check 
* Website & Email Credibility Check 
* Business Phone Credibility Check 
* Business profile build-out
* How to gain corporate leasing EBOOK


* Fix Damaged Business Credit 
* Experian Smart Business Access 
* Business Credit Report & Score Training 
* Get Setup with D&B, Experian, & Equifax 
* Access HIGH-Limit Store Credit Cards 
* Access HIGH-Limit Fleet Credit Cards 
* Access HIGH-Limit Cash Credit Cards 
* Exclusive Access to Starter Vendors 
* PPP Connection
* Dispatching Connection

- Six-figure Business Opportunity

* Start A Business Credit Company
* Start an Airbnb Business
* Start a Dispatching Business
* Start a Corporate Structure Business
* Start a Profile Breakdown of Business
* Start a Business Funding Business 
* Start a Fleet Business


* Airbnb Ebook
* How to structure your business correctly Ebook
* Let's hack these net 30 vendors' script
* Shell hack Ebook
* Is your current Business the right structure EBOOK
* Business Credit Ebook

Learn how to build business credit, start & run a successful Business Credit Business in 4 weeks
And Many More$3,000 Retailed valued at $10,000
You will get the following files:
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Verified Buyer

1 year ago

Patrice S. Jordan- The Best COACH

Patrice is a BOSS! She teaches from the heart. She breaks down the information and has you help yourself! She is available, front and center, and will provide support every day. She uses technology to connect multiple times a day IG,FB, Reels, Lives, ZOOM etc. But you have to do the WOrk! She shows you how. I am thankful to have found her.


Verified Buyer

1 year ago

I am New to Business Credit

It was at 2 am in the morning that I came across Ms. Jordan's Instagram live and from that day on I couldn't stop thinking about what was said on the live. I reached out to her and asked if i am just starting out where should I start and she responded quickly.

I knew I found a true gem when I was talking with my cousin and he has a couple investment properties and said that lenders that he has been dealing with advised him that they weren't able to extend him a loan unless he was in business for 2 years and even with that he would still have to PG!!! In my head I was like this is the exact reason I paid for a business credit course. I want to learn the correct way the first time!
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