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Spanish Vocabulary Techniques

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You will download three products:

1.- Spanish Vocabulary techniques (33 pages)
By developing an effective plan you can increase the number of Spanish words you know. In this guide I will share with you effective techniques you can start using right away.
Learning Spanish vocabulary does not need to be complex, you can take advantage of tools such as
mnemonics and other memory devices to build up your vocabulary quickly and effectively.
I am confident that this guide will help you in your goal of improving your Spanish skills.

2. Linkword Language System (40 pages) 
This is a System promoted by Dr.Michael M. Gruneberg and it is ideal to learn quickly new Spanish words and concepts because it works with association and memory that help you recall words in a simple way.
You will use similarity of the sounds of words in two languages, in this case Spanish and English. The
process involves creating an easily visualized scene that will link the words together.
This system is great supplement to study vocabulary. I have introduced Linkword Language System to my
students and they have been able to remember words easily. In this guide you will have 35 examples using this technique. 

3.    30 Useful Spanish Verbs (for Beginners) (31 pages)
With this PDF you will have an introduction to 30 of the most useful Spanish verbs.

In order to learn each one and remember it, I wrote down the meaning of each verb in Spanish and in English and also I conjugated each verb in the first person singular (Yo-I). Afterwards, I wrote down two sentences, in each sentence I added more information, so you will be able to learn through repetition. And of course, you will be able to learn other new words.
Here it is an example:
Tener= to have

 Yo tengo.
I have.

 Yo tengo un abrigo.
I have a coat.

 Yo tengo un abrigo bonito.
I have a pretty coat.
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