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Conversations, Connections, Community: A Gathering of Women Destined for Purpose

Are you a Christian woman who wants to know what it means to fully experience a new dimension of life in Jesus Christ, where you can ascend to new heights in your journey to destiny? (2 Corinthians 5:17)

Are you ready to throw off what keeps you from the supernatural life of your highest purpose for God's Kingdom on earth--to know how to run the race and win? (Romans  12:1-2)

Do you want to find out what's most important today to get into the spirit-filled supernatural in a practical, purposeful, and powerful way in your everyday life? (no woo woo). (Philippians 4:13)

More than any time in our history, it is crucial that we transcend the world culture, life’s issues with all of its distractions and get strategically and spiritually focused on the journey to destiny.

I'll be sharing about the 7 Most Essential Things You Need to Do For Your Highest Calling--specifically for these days and the days to come.

These 7 things--only you can do-- will change you, change your relationships, and change your life--they are all based on God's Word, things we already are aware of but may have strayed from, and ways to get back to basics for the blessed (empowered) life in Christ. 

Join me in person for a gathering of women dedicated to the journey of elevating to the highest level of faith with others destined and ready to live God's unique life plan.


Conversation, Connections, and Community:  A Gathering of Women Destined for Purpose

Monday, June 7 @  6 p.m.

Business International Center

4860 Cox Road Suite 200

Glen Allen, VA  23060


 It's an evening with other awe-inspiring women:

Ø Breaking bread together
Ø In a topic-led roundtable conversation 
Ø With a time of reflection and prayer 


Due to present-day restrictions seating is limited to maintain safe socializing.
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