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Gambling on Her Bear - Audiobook

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Diamond thief falls for burly bear security chief in Vegas. What could possibly go wrong?

Audiobook narrated by Kelsey Osborne, delivered through Book Funnel

Dragon shifter Karen Proulx has a way of tackling big goals head-on. Return to Vegas. Seek revenge on a mortal enemy. Claim a priceless diamond. All very straightforward, right?

And if she hasn’t worked out every detail… Well, she’ll just call that being flexible. Anyway, she can always wing it if — or more likely, when — things don’t go exactly to plan. If only it wasn’t for that irresistible bear shifter, getting her all distracted at the worst possible time. Because of all the things a girl can improvise, love is the trickiest of them all.

Tanner Lloyd is a man on a mission to save his hometown. The key to success will be sticking to the time-honored code of his bear clan: look before you leap, think ahead, and never, ever diverge from your plan.

But along comes Karen, a band of blood-sucking vampires, and a heist that quickly spins out of control. Before he knows it, he’s risking everything for a beautiful stranger and gambling on love, the most unpredictable force of all.

A sizzling, zany story in Anna Lowe’s SHIFTERS IN VEGAS series!

Prequel: Gambling on Trouble
Book 1: Gambling on Her Dragon
Book 2 Gambling on Her Bear
Book 3: Gambling on Her Panther
Box set (Books 1-2-3): Shifters in Vegas Three Book Collection

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