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The 8 Habits to Master Your Mind shows you how to change your mind by changing your habits in a powerful way. This audio course is not a theoretical but is full of practical information and simple techniques. The material is based upon:
- psychology and psychological studies.
- Hawaiian Huna and the wisdom of the kahunas-the famous shamans.
- the core of mind-body-spirit teachings.
- the driving force behind successful people and companies.
- law of attraction called the secret.
- the number one ingredient of leaders.
- the essence of spiritual teachings.

This audio course will teach you:

- what is mind mastery and how your mind works.
- two important things in overcoming phobias, depressions and traumas.
- reduce or eliminate negative feelings and emotions from people around you.
- how to find something good in some bad situations in your life.
- learn what can give you a lot of happiness and joy.
- how to access the bright side of yourself.
- apply simple actions to bring more positivity in your life.
- find one tried and tested technique together with a practical strategy to create the life that you want.
- draw to you the things that you desire in your life with one spiritual practice.

In this audio course you will discover simple techniques and knowledge that will change your life in a positive way.

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You will get a MP3 (67MB) file
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