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Entrepreneurs and small business owners often work more hours than they need to because they try to handle every aspect of their business themselves.
The step by step guide you will learn how to outsource your non-strategic business tasks so you can gain more time.
  • Will show you the advantages of outsourcing your business processes
  • Helps you understand which business processes you should outsource
  • Delves into the everyday tasks that you should consider outsourcing
  • Discusses the best places online to find remote workers
  • Shows you how to create a concise job description for your outsourcing needs
  • Provides suggestions for interviewing potential candidates
  • And much more
In this course, we’re going to discuss how to ease some of your burden, expand your capabilities and reduce costs by outsourcing and hiring virtual staff. Module one covers hiring virtual permanent team members. Module two covers outsourcing jobs to freelancers for specific projects. And module three covers managing your virtual team. By the end of this course you’ll know how to effectively and affordably hire remote team members or freelancers for your business.

Hiring and Outsourcing Video Course Breakdown:
  • Video 0 – Course Overview – Brief introduction that goes over what will be covered in the later videos, in the introduction above. Male presenter with an American-English accent. 
  • Video 1 – Hiring Permanent Virtual Team Members – In this module, the expert covers how to hire permanent employees. The expert walks you through a variety of different options to consider, from where to hire from based on salary to posting a job application that can bring potential employees in. 
  • Video 2 – Outsourcing Jobs to Freelancers for Specific Projects – In this module, the expert goes over how instead of putting certain projects on your team, you can find freelancers that might be better equipped to handle a project. The expert shows you how to utilize Upwork to find good freelancers. 
  • Video 3 – Managing Your Virtual Team – This module goes over how to use Trello to manage your virtual team. While your team is often far from you, they are still human beings who can procrastinate, be unsure of how to do something or sometimes just need a bit of a nudge. Creating a great way to manage your team and keep on top of them to keep your business running smooth is crucial. 

Much success to you on your journey🎉!

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