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Habit Swapping Accountability Partners

Challenges and diets work while you are on  them. To make a permanent lifestyle change scientific data tells us that we MUST change our habits. 

It was Albert Einsten who said, "insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result." AND Aristotle said, "We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence then is not an act but a habit."

James Clear in his book Atomic Habits outlines how to replace bad habits with good habits AND how to make that change PERMANENT.  He suggests to have an accountability parner and/or a "habit contract."

This group is geared to facilitate PERMANENT healthy lifestyle changes by providing ACCOUNTABILITY and scientifically proven resourses, used with permission.

90 ideas for good habits to adopt in 90 Ways to Age Vibrantly! and the "Habits Cheat Sheet"  How to create a good habit and how to break a bad habit!
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Habit Swappers Accountability Partners Monthly Membership

per month
  • There will be 7 videos and worksheets for you to change your first 3 habits.
  • These videos will be availavailable in our private facebook group #habitchangevideos
  • At the end of your first 7 days (this will be revolving and everyone may be at a different stage of the process) you will post your "Habit Swap"  and add the hashtag #habitswap
  • You will, in the body of your habit swap post copy and paste the "habit tracker" where you will be responsible for tracking your progress daily.
  • You ar welcome to bring along a friend, as an acountability partner, at no extra charge.  Once you become a member you will receive a discount code for your partner. (one per membership)
  • 7 Day trial period. No refunds after 7 day trial period.  Cancel at any time.

Habit Swappers Accountability Partners Annual Membership (Half Price)

per year
Same as monthly membership.
You will ALSO receive coupon codes for 3 accountability partners.
14 Day trial period. No refunds after 14 day trial period.  Cancel at any time.