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Changing Hopelessness to Prosperity

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It is a fact that when one finds himself in a hopeless situation, he can best be described as being in a confused state and in this type of condition the world may seem to be collapsing on him, making him to become indifferent to virtually everything. This condition of hopelessness has made many people to believe that a lot of things still remain extremely impossible to achieve. But events have shown right from history that many of the things people thought were impossible have been proved possible by inventors and other great men and women of vision who succeeded in turning their creative ideas into wonderful things.

Someone's state of mind is usually the determinant in deciding whether something could be achievable or unattainable. This can be proved using the attitude of those who made their invention possible even when many people did not give them the chance.

Among the areas covered in this book include; ways of shaping the success route to make it possible, moving through the road of possibilities, making that firm decision to go into action, the lessons of how other successful people attained greater heights, moving from zero level to the top, how to use the power of motivation and many more.

Reading through this book will bring you to the realization that nothing is actually unattainable, instead what some people think of as impossibilities are just like a very large quantity of gold kept somewhere in a place, which is neither too hidden nor too open, but only waiting for a smart eyed person to discover and start reaping the benefits.

The lessons learnt from the book when put into practice will easily transform one from a situation of hopelessness to that of prosperity.
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