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Picky Eater Placemat

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Ready to help your picky eater explore new foods - and maybe even try them?

The Picky Eater Placemat is the perfect way to help engage your child with new or less favorable foods!

It is easy to get stuck with just asking "Do you like it?"Which only has 2 possible answers - yes or no.

Instead, try having them explore that food! This helps them build associations with similar foods that they enjoy while also helping them start to feel comfortable with that food.

Instead of just "yucky or yummy", they get to explore this food with all their sense. Not just the flavor, but now they get to talk about the color, the texture, the size, the shape, AND the flavor! 

This is a one-time digital download that you can print as many times as you want

Download includes English and Spanish versions. 
You will get a PDF (334KB) file
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