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Lia SLWC with Heel Bar (Term) "Oh No, Not Another Contraption on My Casted Foot!" with Foot Play (HD 1920X1080)

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Lia's having a real hard time with her foot casted long term in cast with a strange looking heel bar. She's not feeling to sexy, its very awkward to get around in and people are always staring at the strange cast and her exposed toes. Her friend says she has a solution though but says it's hard to describe and she needs to show her. While Lia is skeptical, she hesitantly agrees to leave her apartment and see what her friend has for to assist her mobility. She awkwardly crutches to there meeting place where her well-meaning friend presents her a sling specially designed to keep her casted foot up and behind her instead of swinging around lose with the awkward heel bar. Lia is still skeptical while her friend helps her pit it on. She thinks it doesn't make Lia look any less weird with yet another contraption on her leg for people to stare at... but if it helps her get around better it may be worth it. Lia takes her first tentative steps with it on... Now she's got to depend fully on her one good leg and can't even put her casted one down. She tries to start crutching with the new device, but soon needs to sit down to rest. Sitting is a new issue she has to deal with. She needs to disconnect the sling from the strap holding her casted foot each time which means the strap hangs off her casted foot along with the heel bar. "Not very attractive" she thinks to herself. Still she tries to grin and bare it while her friend eats happily without a care next to her thinking she's done a great job. Meanwhile, Lia is trying to find a comfortable place to prop up her casted foot and let her exposed toes wiggle freely (some great closeup POV and worms eye view shots) while her friend grabs at her naked toes. When he friend finally finishes her meal Lia crutches off with her still trying to get used to her one leg trapped and permanently raised behind her in a leg sling while she must rely even more now on her crutches and one remaining good leg for balance. A great combination crutching and closeup foot show clip while Lia struggles to use her leg sling.

LENGTH: 15 minutes
SIZE: 1152 MB
RESOLUTION: 1920x1080
UPDATE: 11/19/21
You will get a MP4 (1GB) file

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