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AFRICAN YOUTHS MANUAL: Twenty-Eight Lessons From Sixteen Pages of History

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"If History Repeats Itself, and the Unexpected Always Happens, how Incapable must Man be of Learning from Experience".  George Bernard Shaw (Irish Dramatis, 1856-1950).

On the continent of Africa and in some parts of the world, great percentage of promising, energetic, talented and even highly educated youths, mostly graduates, are pitiably plunged into uncertainties, confusions and joblessness, especially at the end of their studies.

The sad part of the story? These young bloods actually struggled, moved through thick and thin, pay through their noses, to bag a number of degrees, only to discover after graduation that a sacrosanct bailiwick was omitted from the curricula/syllabi used in training them through school, thereby creating a vaccum.


The results of the above you ask? Majority of these innocent young minds ended up with knowledge, degrees and certificates, inapplicable to real life situations. Consequently, prospective leaders found themselves unable to make personal ends meet, did I mention caring for families or becoming blessings to their world?


The main cause of this challenge you ask again? Most African and some Extra-African schools, operate curricula/syllabi ridden with theories, mostly outdated and grossly irrelevant to the real world. Hence, as important and life-transforming as education could be, it is being inadequately handled through defective curricula/syllabus that trivialised an effective body of knowledge, both at the high school level and higher institutions, and what is this?


'Biographical Studies!'"A body of post-modern knowledge, designed to train young future leaders in the art and science of historical experiences and certainties, capable of birthing repeated and repeatable successful achievements."


This vacuum is what this book, "African Youths Manual: Twenty-Eight Lessons from Sixteen Pages of History", has come to fill.


Loaded with unique life narrations of exemplary and historical personalities selected all across Africa and the world, the book provides eye-opening templates, to learn from the experiences of present and past heroes and heroines, in order to reshape their orientations and break the chains of limitations, imposed upon their lives by limited academic trainings.


It doesn't matter your discovered purpose or chosen field, someone has been there before you, with results of resounding success. Is your calling Business, Politics, Medicine, Law, Farming, Teaching or Footballing, this book connects you to celebrated and iconic trailblazers, who are/were professionals in these fields and from whose experiences you should learn.


Foreworded by Okajare Solomon Tai, Ph.D., one of the finest and leading historians in Africa, the book is authored by Ade St Peters (B.A., LLB, and B.L), a trained lawyer, historian and biographer, with track record of dedicating close to twenty-five years to avid and voracious study of over five-hundred biographies of personalities and communities.


A deliberate perusal of this piece will certainly beam a light on your pathway to life attainments and career fulfilment.


Note, this is not a record of some unsubstantiated and unconfirmed dry old history, but an interesting expositions of success stories ended at each chapter by strong success lessons you really need.




You Don't Have to Learn Through the Hard-way, You can Simply Learn from History!
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