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909 Lab lets you play with the sound of the TR-909 as a chromatic instrument. Each tonal sound of the 909 has been tuned to perfection so you can play your favorite 909 sounds in key with your track using your piano roll! You can easily create punchy 909 basslines with it.

Unlike the original machine, you have full control of each drum sound: easily shape and modify their tonal quality with the easy-to-use interface. Just select the sound you want, shape it and you're set!

The 909 has been used by famous musicians like Jean-Michel Jarre, Aphex Twin, BT, Orbital, Air, Astral Projection, and the Chemical Brothers.


All the 11 original sounds of the 909
Tonal drum sounds key mapped to piano roll
Tonal shaper
Amp floor and ceiling controls
Reverb (for some of the sounds)


Windows 8.1/10 or macOS El Capitan to Mojave (not compatible with macOS Catalina and up)
28.8 MB of HD space
2GHz Quad-core CPU or better with 4 GB of RAM or more
64-bit VSTi/AUi Host
You will get the following files:
  • ZIP (14MB)
  • ZIP (15MB)
  • ZIP (15MB)

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