Carica E. Williams

Hi! I'm Carica E. Williams, a small business consultant and empowerment coach. I teach solopreneurs and microbusiness owners to start, scale, and soar in business using strategic techniques and a touch of faith, in order to reach business and life goals. I'm an evangelist, praise dancer, and the president and founder of Women of Color Entrepreneurs Network and the outreach based non-profit, Beautiful are the Feet.

I coach and consult on a personal and professional level. My focus is to empower driven men and women to sucker punch fear, walk by faith, grow their business, and pursue desires of the heart to turn dreams into a reality. I encourage you to purchase, Overcoming the Fear That Has Delayed Your Dreams Workbook: Five Liberating Tips and Simple Activities to Make it Happen, available in ebook and paperback, to help in your journey.

For entrepreneurs and those aspiring to be, visit The Entrepreneurs Coaching Center for classes, resources, and informative goodies to help advance your business and your faith.

Stop by my website and get to know a little more about me. I'm sure this could be the start of a beautiful relationship and we can work together to propel you forward!

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