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Thesis statement: Its overview and significance

Thesis statement: Its overview and significance

What is a thesis statement?

It is one line or a maximum of two lines brief introduction of your central theme. It should be concise and precise. You can further explain this to prove its relevance with a topic in body paragraphs and the concluding part. Then you write an argumentative essay.

Placement in thesis or research paper:

  • You can place your assessment in the last sentences of your first body paragraph.
  • It is also known as the introduction of your research. 
  • Generate a commanding statement to build interest in the thesis topic. 

Be specified:

We are making one thing clear here that these two lines can make or fake your whole efforts. 

  • You cannot play on a general ground. It doesn’t help students to do a strong thesis.
  • Your research statement should be target-based. Write it according to the standard of professional writing
  • Go in one direction. State what is your way or angle to address the research.
  • They only cover supported points instead of indulging in everything related to the topic.
  • Remember, you are bringing newness in the field, so mention this in a statement. 
  • It is the crux of your whole thesis. So, readers should not be confused about what will happen in your thesis. In fact, they must feel curious to review all your efforts.

Welcoming to critics: 

  • Your audience is well educated and well informed. They will see your topic sentence with their critical thinking. 
  • It should be solid enough for further debate. Or you can take it as a call for more advanced research in the future. 
  • This increases the interest and door to explore new facts and statements.

Effective techniques by perfect essay writing:

  • Never make the mistake of making controversial topics too simple. For instance, “abortion is a guilty decision” or “abortion is illegal.”
  • The statement, as mentioned above, is absolutely rage-provoking for a group of people. It won’t give your thesis popularity. Instead, you are calling to harsh criticism.
  • Essay writer defines this kind of statement differently, i.e., Pros and cons of abortion, why people abort? Relationship of abortion with women’s health etc.
  • Earlier, a writer was making the mistake of merely announcing a topic. 
  • When you are doing research to write my essay or thesis, do it with a unique mindset. It should be seen in your idea. Copying someone else’s opinion or statements is a baseless strategy. 
  • Your main statement shows your command and position over the topic. So, use your previous information and research wisely. 
  • Use of some particular terms or technical words is not suggested. We are not saying it to make it too simple but at least understandable. If a reader finds difficulty in searching meanings according to your context, it won’t lead your work towards success. 


While reviewing different thesis examples it is often seen that people have worked harder, but they failed miserably. Why did that happen? Their one thesis statement opened up a long debate and took away all the attention of readers from the further thesis. Because they have no idea how to write an essay

While there are some researchers who make improvements in their work after defense or viva and receive welcoming responses. How? Because their topic and central idea becomes so admirable on first look. They make recommendations and suggestions from expert supervisors and peers to make it a perfect thesis