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I see you! Giving your all to your family but you are ready to make yourself a priority and find your joy again through self-care. I am here to help you along on your journey!

Discussion topics can include:

  • Discovering your self-care
  • Making time for self-care
  • Unhealthy Mom Guilt
  • Perfect Mom Syndrome
  • Living Your God Inspired Purpose
  • Setting Healthy Boundaries
  • Overcoming negative thinking

What people are saying

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Chari you've really taught me the importance of taking care of myself, and reconnecting with God and my family in a more meaningful and intentional way!

-Sarah Russell

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Chari is a wonderful coach and business woman. She offers great knowledge in various areas that can be applied to individuals as well as entrepreneurs. She has experience and wisdom to help coach anyone through self development and business strategies for growth and development. I have had a personal session with her and she gave me great information and planning ideas that makes building intentional, purposeful, and successful.

-Carletta Hill

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I loved Chari's session - If your mindset is right, then everything else is right. Change you so that things are how you need them to be. I plan to stop whenever I'm having a hard time and remember the good things.

-Christina Paylor