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[020] Basis of Design Checklist [MS Word]


[021a] Daily Commissioning Report Template [PDF]


[021e] Daily Commissioning Report Template [MS Word]


[021f] Weekly Commissioning Report Template [MS Word]


[021g] Monthly Commissioning Report Template [MS Word]


[021h] Final Commissioning Report Template [MS Word]


[024] Cx Factory Testing Report [MS Word]


[024a] Factory Acceptance Testing Remote Testing Layout [PDF]


[024b] Factory Acceptance Testing Checklist Agenda [PDF]


[025] Request For Proposal [RFP] Template [MS Word]


[026a] Tendering Process Steps Graphic [PDF]


[026b] 20 Steps for Tendering Guideline [MS Word]


[027] CxA Scope of Works [SOW] [MS Word]


[028a] Tender Interview Agenda [PDF]


[028b] Tender Interview Questions [PDF]


[029] Commissioning Minutes + Agenda [MS Word]


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