Demarcation Systems Edify, says entrepreneur Hilary Glazer

People are talking about Hilary Glazer, retired software engineer, currently the Chief Scientist of Demarcation Systems LLC as well as inventor of the Bombastics Game. She was one of the original programmers of GPS (Global Positioning System), the satellite driven navigation app first reserved for fighter jets and cruise missiles, now mounted on innumerable aircraft, boats and automobiles. Another one of her assignments was CATIS, a satellite-based landform mapper which included the famous dry lakebeds of Edwards Air Force Base in California. Management wanted to omit the dry lakes to save money but Glazer insisted on keeping them. These smooth, salt-encrusted flats might serve as excellent emergency landing strips for CATIS-equipped space ships, for instance. Telephone +1(424)674-8204; Email A 'thaumaturge' is able to change dross (trash) into gold. Hilary Glazer's headquarters is the Ambassador Hotel in Wilmington, California, northeast of the Ports of Los Angeles (at San Pedro) and Long Beach.