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About Me

After over 20 years of active ministry and business, Dr. Chiffon Foster has been deemed as a trusted prophetic voice in both the sacred and secular. She is a global leadership trainer and developer leading training sessions for several countries including: China, Germany, India, Dubai and the United Kingdom. She has been called to serve humanity, therefore, her purpose extends beyond the four walls into the world at large. You can find her advising, coaching and consulting those in the Market Place and sacred spaces. Corporations, executives, spiritual leaders and business owners have been the benefactors of the gifts she has to offer. She is this generation's "Destiny Architect" as she assists people with the tools, systems and strategies needed to usher them into their future.

Her business acumen is second to none and her portfolio is only a testament to Kingdom living. Her education includes an earned Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Masters degree in Religion. An Honorary Doctorate degree was bestowed upon her because of the many years of service to the Body of Christ. Her message is simple: Speaking Truth to Power as she takes the Kingdom to the Culture. Dr. Chiffon Foster is an example of true servant leadership to this generation.

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