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Hey! It's ~Pastor D...

Your growth in Christ is so important to me! I've created a variety of resources to help you BE everything God created you to be; to DO everything He has purposed you to do and to receive everything Jesus died on the cross for you to have!

You CAN live life to the fullest and in the fullness of the Spirit of God and His word for you!

Be Made Perfectly Whole


The Church Made Whole


Father, Brother, Lover, Friend: Finding


Firm Steps of Faith


Entering Into The Kingdom


Fruit of the Spirit - Activity Book


GetLife Right: Pastoral Christ-Life Coaching

The Anointed Life Growth Guide


Lifestyles of the Rich & Favored - $1 Download


Saved From Sin - $1 Download


The Limitless Power of Faith


Progress For Success


Faith-Fueled T-Shirt


Original Rockstar


At The Altar - TShirt