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Destination Legacy Academy

Destination Legacy Leadership Academy

For ministers, leaders and church planters to receive online ministry training for certification or licensing requirements towards independent organizations or within Glory House Ministries, Inc.

To learn more, the link below will take you to the Destination Legacy Leadership Academy website.

Ministry Certification Courses

Enroll in online courses that teach the fundamentals of ministry, serving the Church or fulfilling a leadership position and earn a certificate in ministry to apply towards a position at your local church or qualification for licensing.

5-Fold Leadership Training

These comprehensive online courses are specifically designed to provide in-depth training for 5-Fold Leadership teams; licensing requirements and training for independent Church Planters. See the iC4L website for more information.

Leadership Teachings

Choose from a variety of topics that feed the leader with ministry related lessons; give a biblical and non-denominational understanding of polarizing Christian subjects or help the leader teach those tough and taboo topics in the world.