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GrowingYourGreens Plant Based Uncook Book


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About Me

John Kohler has been eating a nutrient-dense raw fruit & vegetable plant-based diet since 1995, to regain his health and build his immune system. He made this major dietary shift due to almost losing his life from spinal meningitis likely due to complement immune deficiency. The focus of his research has been on the area of obtaining the highest level of health. One of John’s goals is to educate the world about the power of eating a diet abundant in minimally processed fresh fruits and vegetables, he shares this in over 700 free youtube videos available at John also owns and manages and is the number one expert on nutrient concentration and preservation by using juicers and vacuum blenders in the world. You can watch over 700 youtube videos where he educates people about the best appliances to eat more plants at his discountjuicers youtube channel. He started growing food over 20 years ago to improve his diet and has never stopped. He has been experimenting and researching the best methods to grow the highest quality food in the front yard & backyard of his tract home. He has proven you can grow a huge amount of plant food in a small amount of space. He shares his wealth of knowledge on how you too can grow nutrient-dense food at home by watching over 1600 youtube videos at He is widely sought out and regularly speaks and instructs at many health festivals, gardening conferences, and other events. John has been creating Youtube videos since 2008 and has over 3000 videos on YouTube that are freely available and have been watched over 173 million times and are followed by over a 1.1 million people combined.