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Virtual Wine and Coloring Book Party w/ 2 color sheets


3 eBook Healing Bundle: The Beginning Guide to Meditation- Crystal Healing and Heal Magnetic therapy


Back to School Journal


Two Homeschool Planners Bundle


Mandela 8 Page Coloring Book w/Designs


10 VERIFIED Vendor List's Bundle Pack. VERY LIMITED!!


10 Business eBooks w/ eBook Business Class


Mandela Coloring Book- 5 Designs


Dinosaur Activity Book 150 Pages


15 Page Spiritual Quotes Coloring Book


Black Woman Positive Quotes 10 page Coloring Book


Top 2 Creating Passive Income w/Amazon Ebooks


My Top 6 Business/ Social Media EBOOK Bundle. Limited Offer


10 Powerful Ways to Drive Traffic to your Website- Executive Summary


Expand your Business Reach with Instagram


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I am a content and connection curator and my passion is working with women entrepreneurs. 

I am also the founder of Hook a Sista Up a supportive online community for women entrepreneurs.

I have an Etsy store called HASU Digital Downloads with CANVA editable templates and now I offer ebooks and courses here on my Payhip store.

I enjoy offering course, ebooks and DIY Canva templates for women entrepreneurs and others that can help them create content and other streams of income for their businesses.

Thanks for checking out our plaftorm and purchasing our courses and ebooks to help you in your business and to add to your brand.