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Words from The CEO

The one thing I know for sure is this:

The world revolves around Credit and Money!

If your Credit is right and your Money is right you have the best of both worlds!!! 

You must KEEP IT SIMPLE when it comes to your financial well-being.

Financial stability is something you must plan and be intentional about with No Excuses! 

How Your FICO Credit Score Is Calculated

Your FICO credit score ranges from 350-850 and is made up of the following components:

Payment History is 35% = 297.50 Points 

Utilization is 30% = 255 Points

Age of Credit is 15% = 127.50 Points

Mix of Credit is 10% = 85 Points

New Inquiries is 10% = 85 Points

I Can Help If You Are

  • Ready to own a Home! 
  • Ready to improve your Credit Score!
  • Ready to start saving Money!
  • Ready to pay down Debt! 

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The Credit Basics (The Secret Info)


How to Start and Set up your Business Correctly


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What people are saying

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Nakeea is helpful, knowledgeable, patient and down to earth. She keeps it real and truly cares about helping others improve overall.

— Whitney

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You have been a blessing. Your knowledge about credit amazing. You have given me the tools that I need to maintain a good credit score for life. Thank you so much for all your help.

— Francis

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Nakeea was amazing and very knowledgeable. She helped me to get a better understanding of which direction to take to rebuild my credit as well as educated me on things I wasn’t aware of.

— Talathia

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Nakeea was such a pleasure to talk with. Her professionalism and expertise was very inspiring and I learned quite a bit from her during our consultation.

— Valerie

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Boutique Items ⋆

Keeping it Sexy Boutique

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When you look good you definitely feel good!!!

A Sexy outfit and shoe makes you stand out!

Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, I got something for it all! 

Whether your needing something to wear for a BBQ, dinner date, or special occasion, I got you!


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