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STOCKHAM BASTARDS - Blurb/Trigger Warnings

Cover Reveal

When I first started writing this book, I had NO idea how dark I could really make it. Below you will read the blurb for the upcoming dark romance: STOCKHAM BASTARDS.

Trigger Warnings have been listed below. Read at your own discretion. Coming soon.


The Germain family has run Stockham for generations, making them kings of the city. Devon Kimble was once in love with the eldest Germain brother, Greyson, who completely broke her heart when he ended their relationship. Years later, Devon is forced to marry into the Germain family, but it isn't to the man she loved all those years ago. Instead, she becomes the wife of Evan Germain, the sadistic younger Germain brother who's had a sickening obsession with Devon for years.

Hoping to use his marriage to his advantage, Evan threatens to take the Germain empire for himself. But he's not as clever as he thinks he is. When Greyson Germain finds out what his younger brother has done, he takes back what has always been his: Devon Kimble. But although Greyson releases Devon from Evan’s clutches, her time with him has left her a shell of who she was.

Devon must fight to restore her sanity and reclaim her life. With Greyson by her side, she not only finds the love she once had for the bastard king of Stockham, but he trains her to be the vicious queen he knows she's always been. Revenge is a dish best served cold as fuck.


-Verbal/Physical Abuse/Assault

-Rape/forced sex


-Drug use/overdose

-Torture: knives/guns/drills/etc. in detail

-Murder/bloody scenes


-Blood play

-Breath play