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Breast Cancer and Symptoms

The signs of breast cancer may vary depending on the individual. Sometimes, breast cancer will not show any symptoms until the patient is diagnosed with stage 3 or 4 cancer. Symptoms may also vary according to the type of breast cancer and how far the cancer has spread.


However, as a precaution, you can examine your own breasts to detect any lumps. Experts believe that self -examination if done in conjunction with other detection tests can help patients to detect breast cancer at an earlier stage.

Only you really know your own breasts. Therefore, you need to be sensitive and watch out if there are any abnormalities on your breasts.

Among the common symptoms of breast cancer are swelling of the breast, unusual pain and even changes in the nipple.


1. Swelling or lumps on the breast

Lumps that never heal or disappear are among the earliest symptoms of breast cancer. Your doctor can detect lumps on the breast when doing a mammogram before the lump can be felt on the body. Often, lymph nodes cannot be felt by healthy people. However, sometimes it can swell while fighting infection. If you have a fever, it is normal for you to feel pain around the neck or a lump in the lower armpit. However, not all types of swelling or lumps in the breast mean you have cancer. As a precaution, you can see a doctor for further examination.





2. Unusual pain in the breast

Most breast cancers strike silently and will not show any symptoms. But, studies have found that 1 in 10 women who experience certain symptoms such as pain in the breast during menstruation may have breast cancer. Inflammatory breast cancer often begins with pain in the breast. This pain is followed by reddish and even swollen skin. Because this cancer causes the breast to become swollen and sore, it is difficult for the patient to be aware of the presence of any lumps. Therefore, if you feel discomfort or pain in the breast, immediately see a doctor for further examination. If it’s not cancer, maybe that’s a sign you’re suffering from another disease.


3. Pain in the nipple area

Friction on underwear or allergies can cause the nipples to itch. However, it is also one of the symptoms of cancer. Paget's disease is a type of cancer that attacks the nipple area. If your nipple area is scaly, itchy, red and sore, you may have Paget’s disease. Often, women will experience these symptoms for months before they are diagnosed as breast cancer.


4. Changes in the nipple

Another symptom of breast cancer is pain in the nipple. Breast cancer can result in changes in the breast cells behind the nipple area. Therefore, sometimes, patients will experience nipple problems including in or appear different in terms of size and shape from the original condition. However, the condition of the nipple can change when a woman menstruates. However, that does not mean that the changes that have taken place are normal and can be taken lightly.