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Students Need to Master Knowledge and Current Issues

Students Need to Master Knowledge and Current Issues


Various ideas and views were thrown on the main causes of unemployment among graduates, making the focus very likely on their failure to show the ability and quality expected by employers.


Lack of reading attitude causes students to be less knowledgeable which in turn results in them not being brave and failing to give great ideas during class discussion sessions. Eventually, the students involved faced difficulty answering exam questions and failed to provide solid arguments in support of the theory being studied.


Communication skills


The sophistication of technology today causes students to communicate less orally. This problem of communication skills is often the reason why many students fail to get a job, while the matter can be overcome if they read a lot and are active in question and answer sessions during lectures.


Although universities find students with different races, religions, genders, languages​​and ideologies, not many take the opportunity to socialize with friends of different backgrounds. As a result, they find it difficult to accept differences of opinion and ideas about things.


Learning sessions at the university should also be an opportunity for students to build self -confidence before facing the reality of community life. As a result, many lack self -confidence. The existing learning system creates students who are unable to think creatively and critically when many are too dependent on the reading material provided by lecturers alone.


The pursuit of knowledge


They do not have the curiosity that should be there as a motivator to seek knowledge through reading various sources and asking the knowledgeable. Most frustrating when students are too focused on achieving success in the academic field is expected to be able to guarantee their better future. While the university is the most suitable place to build the values ​​of leadership, entrepreneurship, credibility, confidence and individual skills.


Our students are also less disciplined when there are still many who fail to attend or skip classes and have to be suspended by the university. That does not include those who are late in completing assignments, are late to class and fail to complete assigned assignments properly.


Undoubtedly, many of our students are still unaware of current issues due to their lack of interest in reading while they should be able to share solid ideas and dare to argue with the community. They also do not attend scientific programs because they do not have the awareness or interest to participate in it while the knowledge gained when learning is not enough to form creative thinking.


Forums, talks, seminars and scholarly discussions attended were actually able to highlight themselves through active participation during question and answer sessions with the panel. It also boosts confidence to speak in public.