Organize an event like a “Sew along” where you and your potential customers all make one of your patterns at the same time together. People get to experience your product and how it works. Chances are after the event they’ll buy more PDF patterns from your store!


  • Design an event that demos your PDF patterns to your target customers. 
  • Set a date. 
  • Make a page on your website to advertise it. 
  • Promote this page on your social media and to your mailing lists. 
  • During the event, offer some kind of promo for your PDF patterns. 
  • Ask attendees to bring friends to the next one. 
  • If you do these regularly, they will grow in size. You’ll increase opportunities to sell more patterns to your existing customers.
  • Make sure to record the event and use it as content to further promote your patterns!


  • Before the event, keep an eye on engagement around your promo posts on social media and email metrics like opens and clicks.
  • On the day, keep an eye on how many attendees show up, product purchases, engagement during the event and any chatter on social media about it. 
  • After the event, track how many sales you get on the back of it and repeat purchases. Use link tracking for this. Here’s a handy guide from