Make the most of online workshops and demos to promote your work and expertise. If you sell Lightroom presets, for example, organize a demo for newbies who want to improve their skills. Ask a viewer to submit a photo and edit it live. People want help and advice. If you deliver this you’ll build trust and more people will want to buy your presets and other digital products.


  • Choose a tool for you online workshop (Zoom, Google Meet, Skype etc)
  • Create an event page on your website where people can sign up to attend (make it pretty and encourage people to share with their network too!).
  • Invite your network and make it clear what they will learn.
  • Rehearse the workshop to make sure it all goes smoothly.
  • Record the event so you have some content for future promotion!


  • Measure the number of sign ups and which channels work best to acquire attendees.
  • Track the number of attendees.
  • Track how many attendees download the presets.