Make your pages and products easier to find on search engines. While ‘full-fat’ SEO (search engine optimisation) can get a bit complex there are some simple steps you can take to make your product pages more search engine friendly. ‘Organic’ reach will boost the number of people who see your products.


  • Use Google Keyword Planner tool to discover the terms that people type when looking for products like yours.
  • Look for popular terms or subjects that are related to your products, the higher the Average Monthly Search volume, the better. 
  • Make sure you use relevant keywords on your product pages - particularly in headings and subheadings. Try to use a mix of primary and secondary keywords.


  • Google Analytics will show you where your site traffic comes from (e.g. organic, social or direct from a link). Aim to grow your organic traffic over time.
  • Try using an ‘incognito search’ in Google to get an idea of where your pages rank in search results.