If you sell patterns online people will want to know how easy it is to make the clothes, bags etc that you offer. With a YouTube channel you can give a step-by-step guide as well as showing off the finished product with moving pictures.


  • Signup for a YouTube account. 
  • Pick a topic for a video series related to your products. 
  • Record a video with your smartphone or a digital SLR camera and edit it for flow and clarity in a video editing tool like Apple iMovie or Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • Post it to YouTube and share it with your existing followers. 
  • Promote your YouTube channel and videos through your blog, email and social media.


  • Measure the number of subscribers to your channel and how this grows over time.
  • Track the most popular videos - this could tell you which types of patterns people are most likely to download.
  • Track downloads of specific products featured on your YouTube channel.