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Get A Discount On Canva Pro

All of my templates were designed to be compatible with the free version of Canva. While you don't need Canva Pro to use the templates, it definitely makes life easier. In the Pro version you'll gain access to millions of professional stock images, commercial fonts, and pre-made templates to make your designs even better. You can also create a brand kit with your own fonts, colors, and logo.

If you sign up for a Canva Pro monthly subscription with a new Rakuten account, you’re eligible for $30 cash back. You'll also get about 40-50% back in cash rewards.

To get the discount just sign up for Rakuten using my partner link. Then search for Canva at Rakuten and follow the link to the shop and sign up. The button below will transport you to Rakuten to get started. It's really easy, and it really works.