Mike Wells Discount Bookstore

Welcome to the Mike Wells Discount Bookstore!  I set up this store specifically to allow my readers to bypass the large retailers and buy my ebooks directly at significantly lower prices. In return, I hope that you'll share my books with your friends to increase my readership.


You can buy ebooks instantly using either PayPal or a credit/debit card. Then, you'll be taken to a page where you can download your book in Kindle or ePub format (these formats are compatible with all ereading devices and apps). If you're not tech-savvy, don't worry - you will also receive an email from BookFunnel that will guide you through any necessary steps to copy your books onto any other devices you would like to read on. All of the ebooks sold on this store are DRM-free.


• Earn a 15-25% discount right off the bat by sharing my books on Facebook just prior to purchase. It's easy! On every product page, you will see the Share button below the price of the book - sharing will cut the price instantly!

• Receive an additional 10% discount on all my books by joining my free VIP Reader List. Join now and the discount coupon code will immediately be emailed to you!

• When buying any book that is part of a series, you're offered a 20% discount on all follow-on books in that series. You will see a pop-up box on the lower right-hand side of your screen that allows you to add the next book in the series to your shopping cart.  (Note: for security reasons, this feature doesn't work on mobile devices--you have to shop on a desktop or laptop)

Thank you for your support!  I hope you enjoy my books and help spread the word!

If you have any questions, you can contact me here: