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Why cats love cardboard boxes; and how to make the most of this behavior!
Here is our comprehensive guide to why cats love cardboard boxes, and how to make the most of this behavior.IntroductionCats have a reputation for being curious creatures, with a love of cozy hideaways. So it's no surprise that cardboard boxes are on...
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Picture of a cat sneezing
Why Does My Cat Sneeze: Understanding the Causes and Remedies
As cat owners, we love and care for our furry friends. However, it can be alarming and worrisome when our cats start sneezing.Cat sneezing can be caused by various factors and can be a sign of a minor irritation or a more serious underlying health co...
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The Health Benefits of Owning a Cat!
Cats make great companions, but did you know that they can also have a positive impact on our health?Studies have shown that cat ownership can lead to improvements in both our mental and physical well-being. From stress relief to cardiovascular ben...
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A picture of a staring cat
Why does my cat stare at me?
Cats are intricate creatures, and it can be challenging to comprehend their behaviour at times due to this complexity. The act of a cat staring intently at its owner is a common one that many cat owners have probably witnessed. There are many possibl...
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What colors do cats see?
What colors do cats see?Is it possible for cats to see color? What colors do they see? What colors do cats like? Is an apple's brilliant red color visible to them? These are all very intriguing questions. Just as you might lose track of time staring ...
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There is one thing, however, that the vast majority of cats seem to uniformly despise, and that is water.
5 Surprising Reasons Why Your Cat Hates Water (And What to Do About It)
There is one thing, however, that the vast majority of cats seem to uniformly despise, and that is water.Cats have a reputation for being meticulous groomers and for generally keeping themselves clean. If you've ever attempted to give your feline com...
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Unleashing the Truth: Debunking the Myths about Black Cats!
Black cats have long been associated with witchcraft and superstition, leading to negative stereotypes and even discrimination against them in some parts of the world. However, these furry felines are just as deserving of love and respect as any oth...
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About Me

Hey there!

My name is Caroline and together with my husband Tony, we run Facebook pages Cute Cat Pics & Furball Kitty Pics. This is our blog in homage to these AMAZING animals!

Since being a young girl I have adored cats. I love all animals but cats are my favourite. My parents would often help cats that would wander into our garden. Some we recognised as neighbours cats and others we didn't so I guess they were either strays or word had spread! I don't know the particular attraction for our garden but nevertheless, there they were, there were lots of them, and we loved them all, so that is where I think my love comes from and where it all began.

I have owned many cats over the years and have adored each and everyone. They are all unique with so many wonderful personalities. I currently own just the one now, Rosie, she is 15 years of age so starting to get on a bit, just like me lol! She reminds me so much of Missy Clearfoot.

Some may wonder about the name Miss Clearfoot? Its quite simple: this was the name of the very first cat that I ever owned. She has long since departed but I remember and miss her, still to this day!