Moonbeam Art

My name is Barnali Bagchi also known by the screen name moonbeam1212. Born in a small town in India called Jamshedpur into a family where everyone can either paint and draw or sculpt, I was lucky to inherit this passion for creativity. I came into graphic art after dabbling in traditional fine arts for some time, and taught myself Photoshop and Illustrator, though my prime interest still remains in fine arts, in which I hold a higher diploma. I also have a BSc in IT and have worked for Infosys, Bangalore, India, for a few years. I am currently residing in Dubai with my Journalist husband and working as a freelance designer and artist for clients from around the globe and private commissioners - when I am not writing tutorials and making digitally painted artist resources and packages. Photoshop CS6 takes care of 80% of my digital needs; the rest is Illustrator CS5. The other tool I can’t do without is my pen tablet Intuos4 though I hope to be able to afford a Wacom Cintiq one day!