Victoria Williams (

I teach music theory via my website, and on Youtube. Visit my website for loads of free music theory resources, as well as quizzes and video courses. I also teach students privately and by email. I specialise in the ABRSM music theory syllabus, but am interested in all aspects of music theory, music history, music psychology, acoustics and performing - anything to do with music in fact. I'm also a dedicated educator and will go to great lengths to help my students understand and enjoy music in more depth. To me, learning about music theory is a way to get more out of music - to access it on deeper and increasingly meaningful levels. There is always something new to learn, and sometimes my students teach me too, as we all have our own unique experience of how music affects us emotionally, socially and intellectually. I graduated from the University of Leeds (UK) in 1995 with a BA (Hons) degree in Music, where my specialism was musicology - in particular I was involved in deciphering 16th century music manuscripts. My interests are broad however, and I'm just as likely to be found analysing the key changes in a Depeche Mode song or working out the rhythms in a traditional Bulgarian "horo", dancing to Bartok or composing songs about zebras for my children.