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  • Recurring Commissions

    50% recurring commissions on our transaction fees and on our monthly paid plans. You can get commissions every month!

  • Marketing Materials

    Creative banners, and materials that are optimized for conversion. We are happy to work with our partners on bespoke materials.

  • Partner Dashboard

    Partners get their own full-featured dashboard and reporting tools, so you can keep track of performance and optimize your efforts.

  • Market Creatively

    You can be as creative as you like to refer sellers to Payhip through blog posts, newsletters, Facebook or Twitter.

  • Monthly Payments

    We make payouts monthly on every 15th of the month. All payments will be sent to your chosen PayPal account.

  • Wide Appeal

    Payhip is trusted by thousands of sellers selling everything from ebooks, to memberships, to fitness courses.

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