Payhip Partner Program Terms

Our terms are simple:

We'll make payouts monthly on every 15th of the month for accounts that reach a threshold of at least $50 (USD).

All payments are made via PayPal in USD.

We share 50% recurring commission on the transactions fees and monthly paid plans of referred sellers.

We have set our cookie* time to 30 days.

Self-referrals are not allowed. The goal of the program is to refer new sellers. Not to be confused with affiliates programs, where a seller, use affiliates to sell their own products.

Partners should at all times make it clear they are a third party and not Payhip or an official representative of Payhip.

Partners may not bid on any Payhip brand keywords or any misspellings of these.

Abuse or shady behaviour will get you banned ‚Äčand any pending commission payments will be withheld.

Partners must make it clear and obvious to consumers that they may receive remuneration for promoting Payhip.

We reserve the right to change the terms at anytime and we will endeavour to give at least 7 days notice wherever possible.

Our liability in connection with this agreement and the affiliate program will not exceed the total commission payable to you under this agreement.

It is your responsibility to pay any taxes, duties (including without limitation sales tax, VAT and GST) and other fees that apply to your commissions earnings.

* Cookie time is the maximum amount of days between the last click and the conversion, at which the Partner will still be credited for the conversion.

Last updated: 7 September 2020