About Us

We help creators earn a living online doing what they love.

Payhip is an e-commerce platform that enables anyone to sell digital products, courses or memberships directly to their fans and followers. You can embed Payhip directly into your website or you can use our storefront to sell your work. Payhip takes care of everything. We're an all-in-one ecommerce solution for creators.


Whether you're an author, designer, YouTuber, blogger, poet, knitter, painter, musician, podcaster, consultant, teacher...we are here to help you make a living doing what you love.

In order to truly make a dent in our mission, we’ve set ourselves a goal of helping 1,000 creators reach $1,000,000 in sales. We don't know how long it will take but achieving this goal is the embodiment of our mission and it's why we exist.


The small team behind Payhip is based in London, UK. The co-founders Abs Farah and Kahin Farah are engineers and designers. The team decided to create Payhip back in 2011 as there was no easy and reliable way to sell digital products, courses or memberships. Payhip is bootstrapped (self-funded) and profitable. The team is very user-focused and open to all feedback, so please do get in touch!


Contact us via email at contact@payhip.com or send your letters to:

Payhip Limited
1st Floor, 2 Woodberry Grove
London, N12 0DR

Reg No. 08386910
VAT No. GB201772244


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