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I discovered Payhip at a very difficult time. EU VAT had been introduced in and my business was too small to deal with the complications it brought along. I had tried work arounds that caused more problems than they solved and was almost ready to throw in the towel. Payhip solved all of these problems and is also surprisingly easy to use. Not only do they provide an instant download solution, they deal with the EU VAT and their customer service is second to none. The new integrated shopping basket provides a one stop buying experience, keeping customers on the website instead of sending them else where.

Helen Free

Crochet patterns designer

Lola Johnson

Knitting designer

Payhip is a great easy to use platform that provides lots of flexibility for digital product management and more. It has a streamlined back end that makes it easy to add and manage products, as well as creating and organising a gorgeous front end shop in your own style. It has been invaluable to my pattern business, as well as providing relief with a solution to processing digital product taxes for EU transactions.

My focus is on developing quilt designs and patterns. I'm not interested at all in managing an online store, although I do want to sell patterns! So I'm quite happy to use Payhip's platform. I love the way images look on my page and how easy it is to update files and images. The Payhip team has been very responsive to my questions/comments. If I took the time to more fully explore all of Payhip's features, I'm sure I'd be even more impressed.

Brenda Plaster

Quilting designer

Juan Mallada

Presets & loops creator

I started making internet content in 2016 to make some money, like YouTube tutorials, private classes etc. My biggest success was with remakes, presets and samples from what is trending on the Brazillian electronic music scene. I use to sell these products "directly" myself to customers by manually accepting payments and emailing files. PayHip was a game changer for me to make this easier. I now sell products worldwide through Payhip who automatically handle the entire process. Payhip provides a nice website with so many tools for my customers. My testimonial is that this website is simply the best place to sell your work without any barriers.

When I first started selling online, I had no idea where to start. Instead of having to set up multiple platforms, designing a sales page and setting up multiple payment integrations, payhip has it all for you in one place. I was easily able to set up an eBook for sale in one day and start receiving revenue in my business right away. I recommend payhip to all my students who want to start selling products online. Their system is also very user friendly and anyone with any level of tech experience can set up their payhip store and start making money quickly. Thank you payhip for making this wonderful system available!

Crystal Bonnet

Chef and Author

Debbie Waller

Therapist and author

I found Payhip and I am really glad I did. Not only is the whole system simple to set up, seamless and pain-free for both vendor and purchaser, but it’s also a big plus that my courses can be sold worldwide and Payhip will sort out digital VAT on my behalf on relevant transactions. Payhip’s marketing tools, such as discount vouchers, are easy to use and a good way to encourage past customers to buy from me again. Payhip is definitely allowing me to work smarter, not harder, and I fully recommend it.

I have been an active user of Payhip for a few years now and I love it. The user-friendly platform has allowed me to quickly and efficiently create digital products. I do not think I would use any other platform for my digital download and courses. The customer service team is responsive which is nice when you need assistance. I will continue to use Payhip as my business grows and develops.

Timisha Tross

Occupational therapist & author

Alys Golding

Consultant and entrepreneur

Payhip has been an amazing asset to my business and has allowed me to transition from solely offering 1-1 work to being able to offer courses, digital products, and even a membership. The customer support is faultless. There was a feature missing from Payhip when I first joined so I emailed support asking if there were plans to add this. They got this done for me within 24 hours! Would highly recommend.

As a small business owner, Payhip has been a game-changer. I started out selling PDF patterns and have since expanded to add physical goods. I find that listing items for sale, customer management, and the overall process of managing my shop very intuitive and easy to use. As a US seller, Payhip taking care of EU and UK VAT is super amazing!

Sherry Shish

Quilting Designer

Ben and Fabienne

Hikers and travel bloggers

We did A LOT of research and payhip is clearly the easiest and cheapest way to start selling digital products online. Over the years, they kept improving / building new features for us to use and we can't wait to discover what's coming next. Even though we sell more products now, we are still super happy with payhip and we don't see any reason to change.

Payhip makes everything very easy. They do everything for me and so I only have to worry about doing my job well. I love when I wake up in the morning and my sheet music is sold, payhip works when I sleep!

Miguel Mateu


Jo Westfoot

Quilting designer

Payhip has been brilliant for my business. It's really easy to use and integrates easily with my website. I love that I can use both Stripe and Paypal to give customers a choice. But the fact that they handle all EU VAT payments, as an agent, was definitely the clincher for me! It enabled me, as a micro business, to expand my business into digital products without the onerous task of registering with each EU country for the very few sales that I make to EU customers (most of my customers are UK/US based).

When EU VAT came into effect in 2015, I found out with very short notice. After doing a lot of searching and head scratching, I settled upon using Payhip for the embroidery patterns I sell. The main reason was that they take care of the EU VAT reporting for me, so I don’t have to deal with that as a small business. After I started using Payhip I was really impressed with how simple and quick it is to use, both adding products and sharing them on my own site. As well as an integrated shopping basket and that you can sell different types of products (downloads, courses, physical items) it is just a pleasure to use. And the customer service has been absolutely excellent!

Carina Envoldsen-Harris

Embroidery designer, author and teacher

Robert Wilson


My experiences with Payhip since I joined a few years ago, have been astonishingly positive. I never really expected the success that I enjoy. Payhip is now generating a steady income for me each month, and I enjoy writing articles and e-books to add to my list. You have an extremely satisfied member.

I started using Payhip to sell my digital sheet music a few years ago because the previous platform I was using was difficult for customers to use, and I had to spend a lot of time helping customers with their downloads. Since switching to Payhip I haven't had this problem at all, as the download process is really intuitive. On top of this, it's easy to list products and customise the storefront, and the store and checkout pages are beautifully designed and easy to navigate on both desktop and mobile.

Helen Bell

Composer, songwriter and violist

Stefan Rasmusson

Security Manager

Payhip gives me just what I need, at a good price. Nothing too fancy and complex. A simple storefront, payment management and digital product delivery.

Payhip is by far the best store for publishing your digital and physical products. I've been using it for several years and the development of payhip is progressing over time. In my opinion, using this store is pleasant and practical, and I recommend it to everyone!

CristianPL Studios

Graphic design

Doe Zantamata


I've used Payhip for all of my ebooks for the PDF downloads. It is so easy to set up and in all the years I've used this site, it has never been down even once. Adding discounts is also super easy, and the dashboard shows stats and sales clearly. Payments are immediate. It's pretty much a perfect site. I noticed they've added an e-course option which I haven't yet checked out, but I definitely will.

I've never looked back since I started using Payhip to launch my monthly contemporary art magazine Inspirational, and since then I have uploaded a number of books and projects, and am planning to launch another monthly magazine soon. Payhip is really easy to use - no bewildering rules, no complications - absolutely stress free, especially for customers. Communications are fast and direct - if you have a problem, there's always someone to quickly sort it out for you. If you want an experience that's smooth, Payhip is the place.

John Hopper

Editor, writer & artist

Duane Lipham

RV Inspector

I have been very happy with Payhip. It's so simple and easy to use, and takes care of all of the necessary business of selling my digital products online. I highly recommend it!

Jump starting a passion project, Payhip has the right tools and best-in-class pricing tiers for launching your first digital product. Two years since launch and now offering multiple products, Payhip's "commission-on-sale" model has proven to be an affordable choice and the curated feature set continues to grow. Responsive product pages with minimal checkout flow, VAT and sales tax handling, instant downloads, direct customer messaging, customizable discount codes, visual analytics, and immediate funds disbursed upon sale have made me a happy Payhip user!

Tim Martino

Outdoor gear maker & designer

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