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Get Visible on Medium and Fast Track Your Writing

How to start writing, attract readers & build a following.

Do You Feel Invisible on Medium?

Are you afraid to take the leap and start writing?

Are you frustrated because no one reads, claps or comments on your stories?

Do you think you're doing something wrong?

Are you overwhelmed and unsure about what to do next?

If this is you, I understand because I've been there too.

And I'd like to help you break through and quickly learn how to get noticed and build a following on Medium.

So, you have 2 choices.

You can continue to spend countless hours trying to figure it out on your own

OR You can start learning what really works and put it into action today!

What's Included in the Course?

Getting Visible on Medium Course includes:

  • 4 Modules (24 lessons overall).
  • 15 bite-sized How To Video Lessons to help you learn the concepts quickly so you can put them into action fast.

Assignments to Practice What You've Learned & Keep You Accountable

Each module of the course has assignments for you to complete and share in the Facebook Support Group for feedback & accountability. This helps you stay on track & apply what you've learned.

Support Group

Facebook Support Group

Provides Support and Community where you can:

  • Ask questions and get answers
  • Share your wins
  • Network with other writers

Course curriculum

Here's the lessons that are included in the course.



“Thanks to Linda Locke’s course on Getting Visible on Medium, I’ve started writing on Medium and have just been accepted to the Medium Partner program. I joined Medium in 2012, but had written NO stories before taking her class.

Linda has a way of distilling vast amounts of information to extract the best parts that we need to know to write and be noticed on Medium. The course has several videos where she describes and demonstrates how to use certain features. I found it much more helpful than classes that just list steps to follow.

My stats to date are proof of the course’s value: Since starting the course, I’ve published seven stories and TRIPLED my number of followers to over the 100 needed to become a Partner. I wouldn’t have done it without Linda’s guidance in this course.”

--JoAnne Wallis

Getting Visible on Medium

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About Linda Locke, Your Fearless Guide

Hi, I'm Linda Locke, a writer and business coach and I'll be your fearless guide during your journey to visibility on Medium!

I live in beautiful Southern California in Ventura County near the Pacific Coast.

In my 30+ year career, I've worked as a reporter, technical writer, trainer and editor. I enjoy writing about many topics including writing, tech, solo business, self-improvement and productivity. You can check out my Medium Profile here.

My mission: To help one person every day with my writing and coaching.

Got questions? You can reach me at

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