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Learn more about your audience

Whenever a customer buys from you we store their email address to help you grow your mailing list. We also find out as much as we can about them for you like their name, website and social profiles automatically. We can even send this data to your favorite email service like Mailchimp or Aweber.

With our analytics dashboard you can learn even more about your audience. What marketing channels have the highest conversion rate? Where are your customers located? All this data and more will help you make better marketing decisions and turn you into a selling machine!

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Customers help you promote your products

Social marketing is a powerful way to get exposure. Give customers an incentive to spread the word by letting them tweet and like your digital products to get discounts. This means you win by dramatically increasing your exposure and sales, and your customers win by getting more accessible quality content.

How does it work? Your customer clicks on a "Tweet or Like for Discount" button, a dialog pops up, pre-filled with a message and link - once they tweet or like, they get a discount!

  • Protect Your eBooks

    To prevent your ebook being pirated, we can stamp the buyer's email on the top left of each page of your PDF files before they download it.

  • Pay-what-you-want pricing

    Let your customers choose what price to pay for your digital product. Just set a minimum price starting from $0+ and empower your customers.

  • Google Analytics Integration

    Measure sales, conversions and get a fresh insight into how visitors use your product page, how they arrived there and how you can keep them coming back.

  • Offer Discount Coupons

    Promote your digital products by offering coupon codes that provide discounts for your customers. Use customized percentage off and/or add an expiration date.

  • Search Engine Optimized

    Don't lose potential customers. We let your customers find your digital product on search engines by optimizing headings and titles.

  • Brand your product page

    Customize the look of your product sales page. Change the background color or image, link colors and much more by using our visual designer.

  • Affiliates

    Harness the power of affiliates using our simple affiliate program. Recruit friends and colleagues and reward them when they make a sale.

  • Email Updates

    You can email updates to your customers directly from Payhip. You can tell them about new versions of your digital product for example.

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