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Rising with the Sun

Life gets busy for everybody and depending on their age there will be differences with daily tasks. Parents start their day rising with the sun. They have the responsibility of their child(ren), work, and home. Each area requires an input of our time to tend to it's various parts, and get to the finish line. Ok, what are you talking about?

a New Day

A single or working parent(s) will rise about two hours before 'travel' time because morning routines have to get done in a certain amount of time. This is not just for mom or dad but also includes our child(ren). Each will have similar and different duties and tasks before heading out the door.

Upon rising, mom or dad will shower, dress and groom themselves for the day, or a stay-at-home parent will begin cooking breakfast, setting the table with dishes, normal everyday breakfast preparations. Then it will be time to wake the children, and they too will also shower, dress, and groom themselves for the day along with preparing their school books, lunch and backpack.

Organizing our Time

Using a #Planner can help with planning your day, week, month, meal plans, appointments and reminders to buy groceries, hair salon, pick up dry-cleaning, or upcoming meetings. It can be a very detailed planner but the point of using one is to see at a glance what else will need your attention. Developing good organization habits helps increase personal time and answer that seemingly forever stressful question, 'did I miss something?'

Organizing our day in incremental steps helps with building and maintaining 'structure' which is important in the healthy development of our children. Atop all this planning you may find a chance to stop and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, a pastry is a bonus. Shhh! I won't tell. No crime in finding yourself a quiet moment to breathe, look and listen to the world around you.

A simple to-do list can be used to set your day. A weekly planner will show you what's set or needs changing for the week. A monthly planner helps track other items such as upcoming appointments, bills, meetings, etc. All this organizing helps you stay on track and be 'in the know' of what's going on for you, and family members.

Time Together Included

We can't forget the meal planner too. A simple chart to fill in each day of the week to plan your meals, what foods to have ready, groceries to pick up, and serve individual family favorites. Cooking is a good time to teach and share your culinary skills with your family too. Nothing wrong with preparing our child(ren) for their own future meal how-to's. Ask each family member what is their favorite meal and what day they would like it served. Make a game of it, Monday Bill, Tuesday Sharon, Wednesday ...

Adding a planner as part of your own daily routine will help set your day in motion, and get things done in an orderly manner. It's also setting yourself as a role model to your children on how to be organized. Plus they get to witness the peace that comes along with knowing ahead of time just what needs to get done, and it does get done. There is no wasted moments of time and those moments of quiet time? those are well earned.

Time in Motion

Remember, once you start posting to your Planner, let it become part of your routine. A paper planner, one in which you write onto by hand helps you to recall information you wrote down. Looking at your planner helps to confirm your memory. We all have our moments of forgetfulness but having your planner always nearby is a relief. Nothing gets missed. There's also always room to doodle or scribble something your learned, add a sticker, etc., on the outside margins.

A last note about planners is they help you form a new habit. Choose a quiet time before sleep where you can review, add, change, check off items done, and set up for the next day. It may seem almost like those nights we had homework but this time, it's planning our life.

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